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LTC 2021: Hope (re)Imagined

Worship Track

We can be physically distanced from each other, yet technology has given the ability to spiritually connect in more ways than ever. Though we have been forced to limit our ability to worship in person through music, we have also been forced to creatively expand our worship, in ways beyond musical ability. Let's come together to share experiences and lessons from the past year, to learn from each other how we've expanded in our roles, and celebrate with each other how we've grown in our talents. We'll also recenter ourselves on the fundamental attributes of a worship leader, which persist no matter what situation our world is in. So as we understand the many ways we have led in worship, we will ultimately focus on the foundation of a worship leader: worship.

Track Schedule

Session #1 July 19, Monday 8:00p - 10:00p

Track Presenters

Thomas Lin