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LTC 2021: Hope (re)Imagined

Leading a Small Group Track

This course teaches leadership skills and attitudes for leading a small group and how to initiate and maintain discussions. You will learn to formulate open-ended questions that invite participation and deeper sharing. This course is highly interactive: you will observe and lead live small group sessions and will both give and receive feedback. Your instructors have many years of experience leading church small groups and secular work teams, training, and facilitating meetings. Note: Though Bible focused, this track does not teach Bible Study techniques.

Track Schedule

Session #1 July 13, Tuesday 7:30p - 9:30p
Session #2 July 15, Thursday 7:00p - 9:30p

Track Presenters

Bruce Chow

graduated from UCLA with a BS in Engineering in 1977 with a yearning to do something to save the environment. While at UCLA, he helped start the UCLA AACF group. He went on to Stanford to get his MS in Environmental Engineering after working with another group to start an AACF there. He came on as volunteer staff in 1992 and has served in various staff capacities since, currently serving as staff for UCLA. He enjoys photography and likes to engage in small group discussions on issues of faith (and is one of the official discussion questions writers for his home church).

Kyle Koshimizu

serves as the Operations Manager for AACF. In 2019, he graduated as a Communication Studies major from CSULB where he was involved in AACF. Currently he is in charge of the young adult ministry at his church and is considering applying to seminary. In his free time, his lifestyle resembles a college student—staying up late, getting boba, playing video games and going on spontaneous adventures. His heart is to see students be challenged and to take ownership of their faith as they are in a very formative time of their lives.

Jasmine Liu

is a volunteer staff at AACF UW Bothell and UW Seattle. She was an active member of UW AACF during her undergrad years, serving as a Small Group Coordinator among other roles. She studied Civil Engineering and now works at Dassault Systemes, a software company that specializes in CAD design and engineering. She and her husband Jeff live in Bellevue, WA and enjoy playing volleyball, leading worship at their church, and spending time with friends and family.