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LTC 2021: Hope (re)Imagined

Prayer Track

How do we draw our members closer to God through the regular practice of prayer? Come to the Prayer Track to develop your intimacy with God and learn ways to strengthen the prayer life of your fellowship community through a meaningful prayer ministry. The track will consist of one evening seminar (1.5 hours long) and 4 – 15 minute prayer meet-ups in the days following the seminar: two noon meet-ups, one midnight prayer, and one sunset prayer time.

Track Schedule

Session July 13, Tuesday 8:00p - 9:30p
Prayer Meeting #1 July 14, Wednesday 12:00p
Prayer Meeting #2 July 15, Thursday 6:00a
Prayer Meeting #3 July 16, Friday 12:00p
Prayer Meeting #4 July 17, Saturday Midnight, 12:00a going into Sunday

Track Presenters

Janet Reksoatmodjo

volunteer campus minister at UC Santa Cruz, came to faith through prayer. An unanswered prayer. She has done a lot of talking to God since that time and continues to grow in her love, awe, and obedience to her Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. She works part-time running her husband's dental practice, and once practiced as a Landscape Architect, but her real joy and pride is being a homemaker and mom of four (now grown) sons. And she loves working with AACF students at the UC Santa Cruz campus.

Larry Honda

serves as AACF Volunteer Staff at Fresno State College. He is a retired school music instructor who spent a long career teaching students from elementary through college in bands, orchestras, and jazz bands. He still performs in orchestras and jazz groups playing saxophone, clarinet and flute. His joy is to play and sing for the Lord.