There are many pursuits that we have in life. We pursue an education, a relationship, a career and then perhaps, more education. When it comes to doing ministry on campus, the chase continues. We want meetings to run smoothly, worship songs to be in key, Bible studies to be insightful and outreaches to lead friends to Jesus. These are admirable goals, but if we achieve all that, without pursuing God himself, we could end up in a vacuum of emptiness.

Our theme for 2018 LTC is Pursue. You will learn to do ministry that builds the kingdom on your campus, but more importantly, you will be encouraged to pursue and love the King which affirms you far beyond any earthly achievements.

When & Where

June 16-21, 2019
The Oaks Camp and Conference Center
18651 Pine Canyon Road, Lake Hughes, CA 93532

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What To Expect

AACF’s LTC, leadership training conference, is an annual conference for emerging student leaders. It is a conference designed to teach leadership skills and nurture a heart of Christian leadership.

During this weeklong conference, students will participate in training tracks. These tracks represent core ministries within AACF: Bible Study, Body Life, Core Leadership, Disciple Making, Disciple Growing, Leading Small Groups, Prayer, and Worship. In four sessions of tracks, students will form a foundation for ministry in their context. Throughout the week students will participate in small group bible studies in the evenings and hear from a keynote speakers in the mornings. Dotted throughout the week are campus times, a focused time for students to build their ministry team, fellowship, reflect, and cast vision for the upcoming year. We encourage students to participate in our morning prayer meetings. And we invite all conference attendees to utilize our planned quiet times. A special feature of LTC are MOIs, moments of impact. MOIs are intentional moments when students can share their testimony, fears, praises, and so much more with one another.

LTC is a conference to emerging student leaders. If you are serving in AACF, sense a leadership calling, or are interested in leadership come and participate in AACF’s LTC 2019.

Training Tracks

Bible Study

The goal of studying scripture is to come as a humble student willing to be taught by the Word of God through the Holy Spirit so that you can faithfully and creatively live out your part of the biblical story as a disciple of Christ. In this track you will learn how to study a passage of Scripture, and how to prepare and lead a small group Bible Study.

Body Life

God calls us to live in community with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Learn the different stages and components that are needed for spiritual and physical growth. Explore what it takes in leadership to build up the Body of Christ through the use of the different skills and spiritual gifts that the Lord has blessed us with and their implementation in purposeful event planning.

Core Leadership

This training track is designed to prepare core leaders for the coming school year. The track takes leaders from personally envisioning themselves as a leader to engaging the mission and vision of AACF for visioning and planning, core team development, conflict management and finally highlighting necessary issues of administration to run an AACF chapter. We encourage all core coordinators to attend together for instruction, insight, and affirmation of your call on campus. The trainers bring years of experience serving core groups alongside expertise of leadership development from their respective careers.

Disciple Making

esus gave us his great commission. It was not a command to make converts, or make decisions, but make disciples. The process of sharing our faith in Christ includes more than mere words. For the gospel to change lives, people need to see how it impacts ours. Making disciples comes through a combination of truly understanding the gospel message, building effective relationships with others, and having the boldness to start conversations. This track will equip you with tools to share your faith personally, and equip you to bring your AACF group along in growing a heart of disciple making.

Disciple Growing

Discipleship happens in the diversity of life’s relationships; to follow Jesus with others as you encourage, live, laugh and learn. Not just growing the mind and heart, but also a life lived out practically. Disciples of Christ are committed to a journey around God’s Word, being willing to confess and be accountable for our sins, to love actively by praying for others, and in how we show/display God's grace in tangible ways to the world. It’s learning how to seek answers together asking the right questions, having humility to not always know all the answers, with a desire to be constantly humbled by the profound richness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will talk about all this and how it all works out practically on your campus.

Leading Small Groups

This course teaches leadership skills and attitudes for leading a small group and how to initiate and maintain discussions. You will learn to formulate open-ended questions that invite participation and deeper sharing. This course is highly interactive: you will observe and lead live small group sessions and will both give and receive feedback. Responsibilities of the Small Group Coordinator will also be addressed. Your instructor and coach has many years of experience leading church small groups and secular work teams and meetings. Note: Though Bible focused, this track does not teach Bible Study techniques.


Do you want to increase your trust and dependency on God as you serve on campus? Come and gain insight and inroads for increased intimacy with God through prayer. Grow in authentic connecting and communion with God, empowered by the Holy Spirit. Students will be equipped to lead a prayer ministry on their campuses. As prayer track participants, we will engage in various aspects of leading and supporting the LTC week in prayer which is a practicum for developing prayer ministry on your campus.


Worship is more than just music; it is a lifestyle. Romans 12:1 says, “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God--this is your true and proper worship.” True and proper worship is actively yielding our hearts to adore Jesus, His Word, and His vision. In this track, we will explore together different aspects of worship:

  • Worship through music
  • Worship through discipline
  • Worship through serving others
  • Speakers: AACF Staff

    Thomas Chen

    Registration Info

    Please note for 2019, a complete registration consists of the following:

    • Registration Form. Submitting a completed online Registration Form.
    • Medical Form. The Oaks Medical Form. If you have any questions, please email or ask your campus minister. Once you've completed the form, please print, sign, and mail your form to: Attn: AACF, JEMS, 948 E. 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
    • Payment. You can send a check or money order made out to "AACF" for your total registration cost to our office: Attn: AACF, JEMS, 948. E. 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. You may also pay online (no partial payments accepted online). If you've applied for a loan or scholarship, please make your check or money order for the anticipated remaining balance you have calculated on the scholarship/loan form. Please mail your payment with your form to the JEMS/AACF office.

    Registration covers lodging and training materials. Discounts are available for those attending or serving at one of the JEMS Mt Hermon Summer Conferences. Contact your campus minister for details for scholarship information.

    2019 Registration Form

    Last day to register: May 31, 2019

    Registration Fees

      Early Bird Registration: On or Before May 15, 2019 Regular Registration: After May 15, 2019
    By check $399.00 $424.00
    Online $415.00 $440.00

    Note: No Part-Time Registration Fees, No Visitors

    Scholarships and Loans

    As money should never be a hindrance for one’s attendance. Please visit the Help Paying for LTC tab for ideas on saving or fundraising for your registration fee. If you still have questions contact your campus minister or the AACF office by email ( or phone (213) 613-0022). AACF national scholarship requests are due by May 15, 2019. All other scholarships are to be handled by your local chapter and should be processed no later than May 31, 2019.

    Scholarship/Loan Form (PDF)


    A non-refundable processing fee of $25/person will be applied to all cancellations. After May 31, 2019 at 5PM, the cancellation fee will increase to $50/person. “No-shows”, receive NO REFUND. All refunds require a written request (e-mail or handwritten letter) sent to the Attn: LTC 2018, JEMS, 948 E 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

    What to Bring

    Sleeping bag, bedding, towels, personal toiletries, Bible, pen, paper/notebook, one-piece swimsuit, flashlight, money for offerings.

    Suggestions To Help Pay for LTC

    Saving Money. Saving money is more than just stopping yourself from spending money. To save money, you need to create a budget! A budget will help you formulate a plan for your money and track your progress toward your financial goals. There are many budgeting guides, tools, and experts. An online search will produce a lot of results. Some helpful resources are:

    Whichever guide or tool you use, include LTC registration as part of your budget. Start budgeting now to learn how to manage your income, debt, savings, and expenditures. Be a faithful steward of the resources God has given you.

    Asking For Help. We welcome the initiative you take to ask others to help you pay for LTC. Please ask in the following order before looking to your AACF for help:

    • Parents.
    • Extended Family. Share with your relatives, grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins the opportunity God has given you this summer. Who knows, maybe some of them went to LTC.
    • Friends. You can ask your neighbors to help with your costs, or offer to do errands for pay (recycling, yardwork, etc.)
    • Church. Some of our alumni have told us their churches offer scholarships for member training. Please talk to your youth leaders, pastors or church leadership for more assistance.
    • Your University. Many Associated Student groups offer leadership training funds for their student organizations. Please contact the campus activities office to find out if they offer funding and how to receive those funds. Sometimes it is as simple as providing a copy of proof of payment and reference to the AACF website where the LTC information is listed.
    • AACF Alumni. Alumni are especially helpful and know the value of attending LTC. Your campus minister can help you identify alumni who attended LTC. The value of alumni who have attended is not just financial assistance but you can gain great information about ask how they lead the ministry before you. Most importantly, if they can’t help financially, they can pray and lead you to others who might.

    Alternative Options. If you couldn't find help from the above suggestion, AACF offers help in two other ways:

    1. AACF LTC Loans. AACF offers no-fee loans to any who inquire. These are helpful to delay full payment of LTC while you are await funds from your summer job or other savings plans. The minimum payment due for those on the loan plan is $105 and you arrange to make payments throughout the summer to make your final payment no later than the day school starts in September/October. Ask your campus minister or current core members how to obtain the AACF Scholarship/Loan form.
    2. AACF Scholarships. The following scholarships are available and will be awarded by need. You are welcome to request AACF scholarships if you will be (1) a registered student, and (2) serving in a leadership capacity (e.g., core, small group, worship leader, etc.) in the 2017-18 school year. Please note: Late fees may not be covered by AACF scholarships. Two pieces of documentation are needed to complete your request:
    (1) Complete the AACF Scholarship/Loan form and have your Campus Minister's signature approve your need. If your campus is unstaffed, please have your current Core Coordinator sign the form. This is important to demonstrate that you are serving in a leadership capacity to attend LTC.
    (2) A written scholarship request letter is required and must demonstrate a financial need and emerging leadership capacity. Let us know how you understand your leadership calling in the context of AACF and in the world.

    The two sources for AACF scholarships we recommend are:

    • Local. Alumni and others donate during the year to create a local campus scholarship fund that provides assistance for LTC. Please address your scholarship letter to the local AACF core group who approves your scholarship request. A copy should be sent to the office with your signed Oaks medical form.

    • National. The Grace K. Ogawa Memorial National Scholarship provides financial assistance for AACF student leaders to attend LTC. In 2018 we will be able to offer three scholarships to each campus. These scholarships can provide up to half of registration costs. Please talk with your campus minister or core coordinator to affirm that you are going to apply for that scholarship. You must write a written scholarship request letter and send it addressed to the LTC committee. All scholarship recipients must submit a reflection of their LTC experience.

    We mentioned praying as well. That is most important because as you prayed to be involved in AACF, prayer will provide and sustain you in the coming year as well.